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Laces Creations

Laces is professional and diverse dance group based in Gothenburg, Sweden established 2009. Their early credits stretches from dancing in multiple Swedish TV-productions to operas, from clothing-collaborations to music videos and judging. The last couple of years the four young ladies have specialized hardcore in, what they call, ”afro caribbean fusion” which simply is their unique mix of dancehall and different west- and central african dances. Laces is now a worldly recognized and respected crew within their scene.

After years of intense training, history-learning, traveling, taking workshops both in Europe and in Jamaica - Laces started teaching and sow a dancehall and afro seed in Gothenburg, something they have and still are working hard with. As west Swedens leading group in what they do, they’ve succeeded in spreading the styles and established a growth and a new requested plattform for dancers. Along with their regular classed, Laces always try to bring the primary sources to Gothenburg. When not dancing themselves, they are arranging workshops and competitions for the youth to take part of. To spread the culture is something that remains close to their hearts.

Laces is currently working with their first Afro Caribbean show called PASSWOR(L)D that premiered 16th of december 2015. The show has been showered with extraordinarily feedback. Other recent credits: winners of Top Up Camp Showcase 2016 in Berlin with their family and students Laces Legion under the name LACES CREATIONS. Also winner of 2on2 battle AND 1on1 at Top Up Camp 2016 in Berlin. Winners of Iyanyas Kukere Queen competition, dancers at Timaya concert, dancers at Kevin Lyttle concert, music videos for Spice, Konshens, Timayas and I-Octane to name a few.


Dancer / Gothenburg, Sweden


Gothenburg, Sweden